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Feel Good


NYR Healing Foods – £16.99

Massage Mitt – £6

Detox Toning Oil – £15

B Complex Supplements – £11.50

I just wanted to share my favourite products for feeling good, and yes they are alllll from Neal’s Yard. Their Oxford store is right next to my college, so during finals I made far too many trips there in the name of maintaining my mental/physical wellbeing! It was probably the healthiest I’ve been in my entire adult life as I knew I needed to swap my sugar-heavy diet for something a little more nutritious to get through it. The Neal’s Yard Healing Foods book is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone who feels like their diet isn’t doing them any favours. I stopped being all that concerned about my weight years ago but do care about my health, and I’ve got used to being tired all the time so knew something needed to change. The book does have lots of recipes but the best thing about it is that it explains what each food does for you and goes pretty in-depth, with detailed breakdowns of each food group. It also has day plans for specific issues e.g. to improve digestion or energy. It has nothing to do with losing weight and instead is all about getting the most out of what you eat which I love. Next up is the massage mitt, something I’ve never bought before but if you’re into exfoliating you need this. I use it pretty much everyday and always feel really clean and refreshed after. Plus it’ll last a lot longer than a scrub! I bought the Detox Toning Oil as part of my winding down ritual at the end of a long day in the library. Supposedly it tones your skin but I’m pretty skeptical about that whole idea – has anyone ever used one that works? Anyway, it smells really cleansing and I do prefer an oil to a lotion sometimes, just because it feels less heavy but often more moisturising. Last up are the B Complex Supplements, which I now swear by. I have real issues with my energy levels so knew I’d need a boost during finals, and these contain a whole host of B vitamins as well as lots of other nutrients known for improving energy. I won’t lie, they smell pretty unpleasant, but they got me through!
I love cosmetics and toiletries that are a pleasure to use, and all of these, including the recipe book, have a huge appeal in the feel good habits they bring to your life. So if you’re feeling lethargic or just need to shake your body up I’d recommend checking these out.

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