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What’s the deal, ASOS?

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Let me start by saying I have been ASOS’s #1 fan since 2007. I honestly think no-one does online retail better – the pricing, the variety, the delivery and returns policy, the interface – all of it makes for the best shopping experience you’ll find on the web. But now they’ve teamed up with my most hated brand, Primark. Their ethical reputation has long been shady at best, but in the wake of Rana Plaza I’m baffled as to how they’re not enduring more of a PR storm. And not only that, but how they’ve managed to score a fantastic sales platform as ASOS’s latest sign-up. Today Vogue reported that ASOS would be doubling it’s stock – clearly I’m in a definite minority being as unimpressed by this news. It’s a move many will be celebrating as Primark has shunned online retail forever, depriving customers of bargain surfing on the web. But if you want cheap clothes, Primark isn’t your only option! Years and years ago I was debating the ethics of Primark with someone, and she threw out the ‘Not everyone can afford *blank*’ card. Bull. Shit. Charity shops, eBay and low-cost chains like Uniqlo, H&M and New Look are all viable, much more ethical alternatives to shopping on a tight budget. I just think we shouldn’t be so quick to blow apart our morals when enticed by the prospect of a £6 top.

And let’s be real for a moment here – anything Primark actually designs, i.e. that isn’t a pair of jeans or a plain jumper is kind of hideous. If I’m ever found roaming the streets wearing a ‘varsity’ oversized tee that says ‘A student’ on it, then just put me out of my misery.

P.S. So this was a really downbeat post to return with – brighter things coming your way soon I promise!

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