Time for DIY?


Lulu & Co Pink Horizontal Stripe Jeans, £195 at Liberty’s

Pink paired with fashion always reminds me of one of two things – the Dior collection that somehow made fuchsia work with pillar-box red, and when the offices of Quality magazine in Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face get a rosy makeover. But lately I’ve been bringing it to a more personal level, and suddenly everything at the top of my never-ending wishlist is in some shade of Barbie’s favourite colour. The latest addition to the pile are these Carrie Bradshaw-worthy jeans by Lulu & Co, which can currently be purchased from Liberty at a 30% reduction, bringing them down to an equally unaffordable £142.45. Now, I’m known amongst my friends for my incessant need to shop but also my money-saving obsession (yeah I subscribe to moneysavingexpert.com’s newsletters – and what of it?). My latest, and possibly all-time best steal was the recent purchase of a pair of £325 Linda Farrow sunglasses for £20 at a sample sale. But last time I checked, that ain’t an option here. I put down my needle and thread, multipack beads and blunt scissors about a decade ago when I finally accepted ‘customising’ clothes was not for me. But these jeans do seem DIY-doable. I’m thinking masking tape, neon pink paint and charity shop denim could provide a viable – if not washable – affordable alternative. I’ll keep ya updated.

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