An Ode to Desert Boots

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 13.24.26

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 13.23.49

Office Uphill Desert Boots in Black and Pale Blue, £45 each (£40.50 with student discount)
(And yes that is an embarrassing his and hers style desert boot photo…)

In terms of sex appeal, they’re the boot equivalent of Birkenstocks. But I’ll be damned if they aren’t my absolute favourite shoe. I’d wanted a pair for about four years before I bought Office’s Uphill version in Black – why so long, I hear you ask. I have no idea why but when it comes to things I really love but are a bit more expensive I put off buying them forever, but will throw money down the drain on inexpensive items I’m not so into. The obvious desert boot of choice is the Clarks classic but at £79 they are definitely in the ‘expensive so I’ll put off buying them forever’ category. But unfortunately there’s something so perfect in the shape of the toe and the positioning of the laces that makes them a difficult piece to dupe. So when Office came to the rescue with a reasonably priced imitation I buckled and bought them. Almost three months later and we’ve barely spent a day apart. They have a weird ability to add a certain edginess to an outfit but also make me feel like a kid again – it’s not often you find a shoe with nostalgia-wielding powers. So when I walked past Office the other day and saw a sky blue pair in the window, I literally did a double take. The only slight drawback is that they are super bright and are yet to mould to my foot like my black pair, so at the moment they do kind of resemble clown shoes, turning my feet into unnecessary beacons of luminescence – not really something anyone wants from their footwear. I took them for a walk through a waterlogged park today so hopefully when they dry out they’ll have calmed down a bit! But either way, if you haven’t taken the desert boot plunge yet then hopefully this incredibly self-indulgent post will give you the push you need.

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